AC Repair

AC RepairAir conditioning units rarely break down at convenient times. They are put under the greatest stress in the hottest months, just the time when you’re relying on them to cool your home. This is also the time when air conditioning repair technicians are working overtime to get everyone cooled down so it may be harder to get an appointment. Bull City Heating Cooling and Refrigeration is a reliable Durham, North Carolina air conditioning repair provider you can turn to when your unit breaks down.

Common Problems

Air conditioners have a few common issues that an experienced repairman will be able to diagnose quickly.

  • Frozen coils
  • Electrical problems
  • Fans malfunctioning
  • Clogged parts
  • Low refrigerant
  • Thermostat issues
  • Poor drainage
  • Filters blocked

You may not have any idea which of these or other problems has gone wrong with your unit. However, if your air conditioner is making loud or odd noises, blows un-cooled air, or simply doesn’t turn on, you can be sure it’s time to repair the unit.

Scheduled maintenance and repairs

Yearly checkups are a great way to have small maintenance and repairs done along the way before something larger breaks. It is much easier to clean, repair, and replace minor parts than it is to let them affect the overall health of your system. It is a lot less expensive, as well.

Bull City Heating Cooling and Refrigeration can schedule a yearly check-up for your air conditioning system so smaller issues can be resolved before they compound. Coils, filters, and other parts need to be cleaned, as well. If you do not have this performed frequently, it will increase your long-term repair costs.


During some repairs, you may be able to improve your system. There has been a lot of advancement in air conditioning technology in the past decade. It is possible to incorporate energy efficient upgrades and other improvements to your system rather than simply replacing an outdated part with the same outdated part. Programmable thermostats are a great energy saving device that can take stress off your system while keeping your power bill down.

Air conditioning repairs

Larger problems with an air conditioner are inevitable, though. The life-span for a system is around ten years, and usually, some repairs will be necessary before that time arrives. Ignoring an unusual sound or an increasingly inefficient system could be costly. Call Bull City Heating Cooling and Refrigeration and we can diagnose the problem, give you a quote, and repair the issue before you are left tossing and turning in the Durham summer heat.