AC Replacement

Summer here in Durham can get brutal. Without a working air conditioning system, it becomes unbearable. At a certain point, a system is no longer worth repairing and must be replaced. You need to make sure this important job is done right by professionals.

When to replace

Air conditioning units tend to last about ten years. Smaller repairs can be done for most of the life of the unit, but as the last couple years of life approach, it may not be worth it. Factors to consider include:

  • How efficient is the system? If your air conditioning unit seems to be running up much larger bills than it used to, that is a sign the end may be nearing.
  • It’s been over eight years. A major repair after two or three years is reasonable, and may even be covered by warranty, but a major repair right before a replacement doesn’t make sense.
  • The system is noisy. This could be a signal the unit is struggling to keep the home cool.
  • What time of year is it? A preemptive replacement is a good idea if the hottest months haven’t arrived yet and the unit is struggling. You do not want to have the unit die in August and be left dealing with the Durham heat.

Replacing an air conditioner

In recent years, air conditioning units have become much more efficient. It’s not uncommon for a replacement unit to be twice as efficient as the one it replaces. It is still a complex job that requires a skilled technician, though. A Bull City Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration tech will visit your home and determine:

  • Your energy needs: they will look at the number and efficiency of windows, the amount of shade, the size of the home, insulation, and other factors.
  • The proper size of the unit: if a unit is too large or too small it can cause problems with how often it runs, its efficiency, uneven cooling, and overworking.
  • The power needs of the home: the proper-sized unit may need more amps to perform.
  • Environmental and efficiency preferences: there are many more opportunities now for saving money and the environment by choosing Energy Star products.

Don’t suffer needlessly

Often people believe they are being smart and saving money by putting off getting a new air conditioner installed. Towards the end of the life of the unit, though, it’s likely that the unit is adding a lot of cost to the monthly power bill and still not performing up to par. Don’t accept high energy bills and a hot house thinking you’re saving money. Give Bull City Heating Cooling and Refrigeration a call, and we can get you a new air conditioner that will save your power bill and keep you cool this summer.